COVID-19 Safe Operating Policy

The remote Kimberley region is an extraordinary part of Australia, but also home to some of our nation’s most vulnerable people. In order to protect our Indigenous communities, fellow travellers and staff, over the last few years there have been many changes to the way we operate our tours and the rules and regulations with which we must comply.

Kimberley Wild’s COVID-19 Safe Operating Policy aims to provide an indication of what to expect prior to and during your trip with Kimberley Wild. We endeavour to keep it as up to date as possible, but please understand that we are all navigating an ever-changing COVID-19 management environment. It is your responsibility to ensure you have checked the latest West Australian Government rules & regulations prior to your tour to minimise any travel disruptions (link below). If any issues arise, please reach out to our Sales team as soon as possible.

COVID 19 Precautions

The health & safety of our travellers is paramount, so Kimberley Wild has always maintained strong health & hygiene practises throughout our operation. In consideration of COVID-19 advice from the World Health Organization (WHO) and West Australian medical authorities, Kimberley Wild will be taking a number of extra precautions to ensure our travellers’ continued well-being while travelling with us in the Kimberley:


  • According to WA State Government mandates for the Tour & Transport Industry, all travellers & crew must fully vaccinated against COVID-19. All travellers must produce their COVID-19 Vaccination Certificate to confirm they are fully vaccinated prior to joining the tour. This can be sent to our Reservations team on Your Tour Guide may also need to see this prior to boarding the vehicle.
  • Kimberley Wild vehicles have all been deep cleaned & are regularly cleaned during each tour in addition to before & after each tour.
  • All our Tour Guides & Hosts must have completed the AHA Hospitality & Tourism COVID-19 Hygiene Course.
  • Kimberley Wild travellers must also produce a negative R.A.T. test to show the Tour Guide prior to joining the tour. This R.A.T. test must have been taken no longer than 24 hours prior to departure day. If your R.A.T. test is positive, please contact your government authorities immediately on 13COVID (13 26843) and advise Kimberley Wild Reservations as soon as possible.
  • Anyone with a positive R.A.T. test or displaying symptoms of COVID-19 will not be permitted to join the tour. Kimberley Wild will make every effort to enable you to join another departure after you have been fully cleared by WA Health, however this cannot be guaranteed, and you may need to refer to your travel insurance provider.
  • You may be asked to complete a basic COVID-19 questionnaire pre-tour. Please ensure this is completed and returned no less than 48 hours prior to your tour departure day.


  • Tour & Transport Operators in Western Australia are exempt from social distancing requirements however we request that everyone attempt to observe the social distancing rules whenever possible.
  • If you are feeling at all unwell, please speak with your guide immediately. If you develop flu-like symptoms we will immediately isolate you from the rest of the group and assist with arrangements for you to travel to the nearest medical facility for testing and/or treatment.
  • We have hand sanitizer readily available for everyone & request that you use this every time you enter & exit the vehicle
  • If directed, all Kimberley Wild crew and travellers are to wear a mask at all times in the vehicle.
  • If directed, all Kimberley Wild crew and travellers are to wear a mask when entering public ablution and other indoor facilities.
  • Kimberley Wild Crew are instructed to use disinfectant to wipe down all key surfaces while travellers are out of the vehicle – these include handrails, door handles, windows etc.
  • To comply with West Australian Close Contact guidelines, Kimberley Wild Tour Guides are to ensure they stop driving approximately every 2 hours, and all Kimberley Wild travellers must disembark and disperse for fifteen minutes – this is a great opportunity to stretch your legs!
  • Be prepared to produce your COVID-19 Vaccination Certificate on request to any third-party suppliers and venues who require it according to West Australian rules & regulations.
  • In an effort to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 throughout the Kimberley, Kimberley Wild will endeavour to limit our contact with local communities and other travellers in the region. This may include restrictions on entry to remote area roadhouses and while participating in additional activities, plus mask wearing in all public ablution blocks and other indoor facilities. We will also be obliged to comply with any rules in place with our third-party operating partners, such as accommodation properties and activities – your Tour Guide will be able to advise you enroute. The good news is that we will be mostly out in the open air, naturally socially distancing and escaping the daily grind as we explore nature’s playground in Australia’s Northwest – best way to travel!


  • Anyone who develops symptoms of COVID-19 while on tour, will be asked to take a R.A.T. test. If this is positive, we must immediately notify the government authorities. Fellow travellers will then be required to take a R.A.T. test as well.
  • Arrangements will be made for COVID-19 positive travellers to depart the tour as you will be required to enter isolation as per government requirements. Kimberley Wild will make every effort to enable you to join another departure after you have been fully cleared by WA Health, however this cannot be guaranteed, and you may need to refer to your travel insurance provider.

For further details on travel requirements, please refer to our full Booking Conditions.

Let’s get out there and enjoy a Kimberley outback adventure!