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“This 9-day Kimberley Wild trip was a remarkable and dynamic adventure. We traversed diverse country and spent quality time in gorgeous gorges, savannah, red desert, rivers, tropical forests, caves, creeks, billabongs, waterfalls and ranges. Before this tour I always travelled independently – I feel very lucky to have opted for Kimberley Wild and had such a wonderful, enriching experience.”

Sally H, Trip Advisor

“Greg and I did a 9 day Kimberley wild trip into the Kimberley and it was one of the best holidays we have had. And we have travelled the world – the organisation, planning, care and safety we felt with the driver, hostess and Planning took all the stress out of visiting one of the most interesting and dynamic environment in the world. Thanks to the Kimberley wild team, I can only imagine the organisation and attention to detail it takes to make it all work without a single hitch.”

Victoria & Greg, Trip Advisor

“We had a fantastic trip thanks to our wonderful guide. Too many highlights to name all but the warm welcome from the manager at One Arm Point aquaculture must have reflected our guide’s friendly relationship with local indigenous people. We loved both overnight sites but the camp by Cygnet Bay gave you the best sense of the stunning land and seascapes of the peninsula.”

Peter R, Trip Advisor

“We had two weeks to explore the Kimberley and thought the 12 day expedition would provide this opportunity. In fact, it more than met our expectations. Every day was interesting and we learnt so much from our guide Steve.”

Kevin E, Trip Advisor

“Kimberley Wild took all of the hassles out of the outback, I wouldn’t want to see it any other way. We did the nine day loop with Luke (the best guide ever) and Esther our host plus 18 of us from all parts of Australia, everyone got along and soon become a great team. The weather was perfect and with a few extra comforts (Camping Plus) we got to see major attractions throughout the Kimberley and the Gibb River road. Food was great!”

Leeanne, Trip Advisor

“A truly great adventure – seeing, learning and experiencing the magic of the Kimberley. with guides Nathan (on the 9 day) and Chrissy (on the 3 day) and chief cook and Hostie Linda all the way through we could not have asked for a better team to make every minute of the trip a memorable one. The knowledge and passion of our guides was one of the key elements that made this trip so successful and the ‘hands on’ nature of the tour meant the whole team bonded early in the piece which made the whole event so much more enrich ending. I’d happily do the whole lot again tomorrow! Highly recommended!”

Steve O, Trip Advisor

We are born and bred Aussies and we thought we knew what the outback was like – boring, dirty, dry countryside but now we’ve been educated. The outback has so much beauty and there’s so much to learn about. The driver was incredible. He taught us a lot about the aboriginal people. We got up close to freshwater crocodiles, absorbed the peace, felt at home with nature, swam at Tunnel Creek and relaxed knowing that we were being looked after and we didn’t have to stress about the journey back to Broome when we were tired. All taken care of.

Meryl, Trip Advisor


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