To help you plan your adventure – from choosing a destination and itinerary through to planning departure and packing your bags – it is important that you consider the differences between the options we offer. The tabs below feature additional details that you You Need To Know to ensure you are choosing the right itinerary in the right destination at the right time of year to suit you.

While much of Australia experiences a traditional four season year, Australia’s north, including the Kimberley, has a tropical climate with a Wet Season (November to March/April) and a Dry Season (April/May to October). All of our tours in the north operate during ‘the Dry’, when it can get surprisingly cold overnight, depending on where you are — in Broome it can get down to 12ºC, while in the Bungle Bungles, it can fall as low as 5ºC! During the day, we usually enjoy a lovely 28 to 30ºC.

Note however that during September and October, as the Wet Season approaches, the temperatures increase accordingly and from this time, and throughout the Wet Season, it can be very hot during the day. If you plan to travel at this time, it is essential that you are prepared for the tropical weather — feel free to ask our office for advice prior to booking.

Storm and bush fires NT

During ‘the Wet’ most 4WD roads and National Parks in the Kimberley are closed, which limits where you are able to go beyond Broome. As a result our Kimberley Expeditions and Broome Day Tours only operate during ‘the Dry’ months, usually April until October. Departures during the shoulder season (usually April/early May and October) are at some risk of road and National Park closures. In most cases we will try and operate an amended itinerary, depending on the extent of the closures.

Note that in all regions we follow the advise and recommendations of local Road and National Park authorities as the safety of our travellers is paramount.

If you have a week’s accommodation booked, our range of Broome Day Tours provide the opportunity to experience Broome and the West Kimberley, while returning to the sanctuary of your hotel in the evening. Be warned… Day Tours will leave you wanting more!

Our traditional specialised Kimberley Expeditions are perfect for those seeking to experience the real Kimberley in depth – either with comfortable Camping or making the most of basic upgrades where available on the Camping Plus option. The Kimberley is a true wilderness so a keen sense of adventure is vital! Our experienced, informative guides share their secrets and insight into the region’s history, culture, flora and fauna.

Our new range of budget Wild Expeditions are designed for those seeking a true outback Australian adventure: one without the extra comforts and without the high price tag. These brilliant overland itineraries offer a great opportunity to get back to basics in the outback and explore the remote wilds of Western Australia, with the support of an experienced guide and the fun of a bunch of new like-minded travel mates.

It is important that our travellers understand the Participatory nature of all of our tours. For more details, see the Participation tab (above).

Travel insurance is essential for all trips, even if you are an Australian. As we are travelling in a remote area, you should ensure you are covered for medical expenses including emergency repatriation at a minimum. We recommend that the policy also covers personal liability, curtailment and loss of luggage and personal effects. To ensure you are covered in the event of unseasonal weather and conditions that may cause road and national park closures, please make sure your policy considers costs incurred by any unforseeable tour cancellations.

Most travel insurance providers do now have insurance for COVID-19 related incidents. It is essential that you seek security in the event that either a) you are diagnosed with COVID-19 prior to or during travel, preventing you from completing your trip or b) you are identified as a close contact and your travel is either prevented or disrupted by government isolation requirements.

Kimberley Wild itineraries are ‘Participatory’ which means the groups rally together and assist the guide – our program is designed to foster a ’group of friends’ dynamic as everyone works together to make it all happen, alongside the leadership of an experienced Tour Guide. This not only makes for a fun adventure shared with like-minded travellers, but also enables us to provide affordable travel options in the Kimberley. On those nights where we are not staying in one of our fantastic private permanent camp sites, it is important that travellers participate in setting up camp, though the Tour Guide and (where applicable on selected Kimberley Expeditions) the Tour Host, will also be on hand to help – it is a team effort! The Kimberley Wild Guide will always appreciate the assistance of one or two group members in preparing/clearing meals. It is essential that all our groups leave the camps they stay in as they found them for the next travellers – the Kimberley is a pristine wilderness and it is our responsibility to ensure it stays this way.

Breakfast on the BBQ Cygnet Bay Safari Camp
Breakfast on the BBQ Cygnet Bay Safari Camp

On all tours we recommend you bring…

  • A broad-brimmed sun hat
  • Good walking boots or sturdy shoes for hiking over rocky terrain
  • Fitted shoes for walking in water (except 1DBS & 1DCL tour codes)
  • Torch (a head torch is ideal)
  • Swimmers & towel (except 1DBS tour code)
  • Personal water bottle (1 Litre recommended)
  • Sunscreen
  • Masks
  • Hand Sanitiser

On short breaks and extended adventures we recommend you also bring…

  • Long-sleeved cotton shirt (sun protection) and loose-fitting pants (warmth and insect protection for evenings)
  • Towels – shower and swimming
  • Personal toiletries* & medication
  • Insect Repellent*
  • Ear Plugs – you never know when you might need these!
  • Sleeping bag (if required – check the Important Notes for your tour). Basic sleeping bags are available for purchase $50 from office prior to tour – can be kept or donated to local communities after your tour.

*Please choose environmentally-friendly toiletries so as to minimise chemical residue in waterways!

Please Note: While our vehicles are custom built and equipped with adequate storage areas, please keep your luggage to a minimum — usually maximum 15kg, in a small soft bag. Suitcases are not suitable.

Kimberley Wild tours are for reasonably fit and mobile travellers – age is irrelevant. Itineraries often involve some very early starts and long days. We are exploring a range of remote wilderness environments and activities involve some clambering over rocks, wading in water by torchlight, walking on rocky creek beds and ascending/descending into gorges. A reasonable level of fitness and being sure on your feet is necessary to participate. Overnight on some nights we are sleeping in traditional Aussie ‘swags’ , which are comfortable foam mattresses with linen.  Refer to the Fitness Level rating (explained below) in The Facts for each itinerary to help determine how suitable the trip is for you. Feel free to ask our staff for any further details if you have any concerns.

Note that due to the remote location and challenging nature of our extended tours it is essential for our travellers who are 70 years and beyond, to review and sign our Medical Form to ensure you can participate fully in the itinerary.


You need to be able to get in and out of the high clearance 4WD vehicles, but there is limited physical activity on the itinerary – walks are generally short and on flat terrain.


There will be a few longer walks on flat or uneven terrain. The walks could involve rough patches where you are required to clamber over rocks or up and down wilderness tracks.


No need to be a mountaineer, but some walks are reasonably challenging: on uneven terrain, sometimes unstable underfoot, and including steep (but usually short) descents and ascents into gorges. It is possible to opt out of the more difficult walks, so those with Moderate fitness may still be able to choose one of these trips – feel free to discuss options with our office.

The style and standard of accommodation varies throughout our Extended Tour itineraries, ranging from outback station stays and ‘billion star’ camping to private wilderness camps and safari tents. On Kimberley Expeditions, we offer the choice of comfortable Camping or Camping Plus, on which we assist you to make the most of basic upgrades where available.